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Preserve Your Precious Family Memories
I transfer home movies on tapes (all formats) and old film reels and 35mm slides to DVD.
For more details and pricing please call 732-671-6591 or  e-mail me at: or click on "Transfers to DVD" page at left column
Social Event Videography
Videotape your Wedding, Sweet 16, Bar Mitzvah, Corporate Event
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This Sports Videography section contains:
Pricing for Videotaping Team Games as well as Individual Players
Sports Videotaping pricing is based upon the following three factors:
How Long the Sporting Event or Game Is
(e.g. Football & Baseball games are usually longer than Soccer & Basketball games)

Game Location
Round Trip distance to and from the game playing location factoring in distance, gas, tolls, and parking fee expenses (if any)

Any Unforeseen or Purposefully Extended Periods of Time -
Due to Half-Time programs or events, Post-Game Awards or Presentations or any delays due to inclement weather or any other circumstances beyond my control requiring my staying longer than originally contracted for in order to fulfill my taping obligations.

I may be contracted by a single individual (Coach, Parent, Player) or you may pool your resources together (A maximum of 5 parents may split one game taping fee and each will receive a game dvd copy for their player with his or her name, team names and jersey number.)

Regardless of whomever hires me (coach, player or group of parents) to videotape a game covering both teams:

I reserve the right to offer game dvd copies for purchase by the Coach, Parents or Players of either teams on the spot before or after the game is played.

(The above does not apply to the taping of individual players as nobody would be interested in buying a game dvd featuring just one player except that player's parents or Coach)
Soccer & Basketball Game Videotaping 
(Scroll down to bottom for baseball & football game taping fees)

Videotaping TEAM Games (all players of both opposing teams)
The pricing below is for taping one single game - coverage of both teams
Pricing is based upon from Middletown, NJ 07748 to and from your game location

(One single game )
 $125.00  (within 30 minutes drive each way from Middletown, NJ 07748)
 $150.00  (up to 60 minutes drive each way)                                                           
 $195.00  (up to 90 minutes drive each way)
 $250.00  (up to 120 minutes drive each way)
NOTE: Special pricing consideration will be extended for contracting me
in advance to videotape multiple games (of either "both teams" or an individual player).  Please call to discuss special rates. 732-671-6591
As some parents, players or coaches do not like others to know who is being videotaped or who hired me, I will RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY.
I do not ever reveal who hired me.
*Extended Taping, Half Time or Post-Game Award Ceremonies or Events
If there is an awards ceremony or any other event, scheduled or unscheduled,  Act of  God,  inclement weather or any other unforeseen circumstance causing game delay, interruption or otherwise, whereby it requires my extended stay to continue videotaping the game until game finish and/or awards ceremony conclusion, there is an additional fee of $25.00 per 30 minutes or part thereof of my extended waiting.
I politely ask that you please understand that I am NOT there as a player's parent, coach or sports spectator, but I am there solely to perform a videotaping service for which I was hired, based upon my total time spent traveling round trip and total time required to videotape your game and/or any other related events, to conclusion.
Thank you for your understanding.
Videotaping an Individual Player Only
*Following and videotaping an individual player is a more difficult task, plus I cannot offer game copies to any other parents as they would not be interested in a dvd of "your player", thus the fee is higher. I can only focus on and follow only one individual player during the entirety of any one game (I cannot follow two or more individual players during the same game)
As above, the pricing varies, depending upon my round trip travel distance and time to and from your game location as follows:
*Special pricing consideration will be extended to Coaches/Parents hiring me to videotape more than one game for their individual player. Please call to discuss.
Based upon round trip travel time from Middletown, NJ 07748 to your game location in: NJ, NY, PA, CT 
$150.00 (local game within 30 minutes drive each way from Middletown, NJ)
$195.00  (up to 60 minutes drive each way)                                                            
$250.00  (up to 90 minutes drive each way) 
$295.00  (up to 120 minutes drive each way) 
After 2 hours add $50.00 per 30 minutes driving distance thereafter
Note: The same Overtime, Half-time and Post Game event terms and conditions apply as outlined above.
What's included with your game taping fee
Game taping fees as above are for providing game videotaping services for one Coach, Player or Parent or Group of Parents only.
Fees include one DVD copy only for the individual Coach , Parent or Player who hired me (or a maximum of 5 game dvd copies if hired by a
Group of Parents)

Example: lets say that I am hired by a group of parents to tape a soccer game within 30 minutes from Middletown, NJ.  The fee is 125.00
Each parent pays 25.00 and a total of 5 dvd copies will be made. Additional game DVD copies are at a cost of 25.00 each.
Everybody pays the same amount.
If only one Coach or parent hires me the fee is still 125.00 and only one game dvd copy is made for whomever hires me.

Note: Please understand and respect that Sports Videography is my livelihood. Therefore: The sports footage recorded by Sports Videography and subsequent DVD copies of said game footage are copyright protected and the game DVDs are copymakingproof protected. You may not and cannot make copies or edit the dvd or any portion thereof . (See additional copyright notice* at bottom of page)
Posting on YouTube
If you would like to have a game or clip posted on youtube whether public or unlisted (private) I will do it for you. The fee is 25.00 to create the mpeg2 file dvd and upload to youtube.
It will contain Sports Videography credits and contact information. 
If you require a highlight dvd for college coaches please see following section (below) 
Coaches of opposing teams may pool their finances together and share the expense of a game taping fee, but this fact must be made known at the time of contracting me prior to game start. If only one Coach hires me, the fee does not include a game copy for the opponent Coach.

Regardless of who hires me, I reserve the right to approach the other Coach and/or parents of the same or opposing team to offer my game taping services and/or game DVD copies .  
College Coach Highlight DVDs
Creating Highlight DVDs of a players best plays is a time consuming sprocess which requires your particpation as well as hours of editing time: reviewing the game footage, isolating and highlighting noteworthy plays with arrows pointing to the player, deleting all other irrelevant game footage and connecting the clips together for fast reviewing by College Coaches.  
Many coaches DO NOT like to have to watch lengthy videos "waiting" to see your son or daughter's best plays. However, some Coaches may want to see an entire game. Please let me know their individual preference.
College Coach Highlight DVD

The fee for this service depends upon the number of highlight plays included and thus the duration of the highlight dvd.
1-2 Minutes   195.00  (approximately 10-20  plays)
2-3 Minutes   295.00  (approximately 20-30  plays)
4-5 minutes    395.00  (approximately 30-40  plays)
6 minutes +    595.00  (unlimited plays)
In most cases footage from more than one game will be required for an individual athlete to demonstrate their best skills and plays. When editing, the best play footage from ALL games videotaped will be incorporated into the process to isolate and combine the very best clips together.
Your assistance in pointing out specific game plays is absolutely required.
You will need to watch the game dvds with your player with pencil and paper and make time notations as to when the plays occur and a description of the play:

Soccer Dvd #1,  at 12mins:03secs, receives and kicks ball and scores goal!
Football Dvd #3 at 36mins:18 secs, intercepts a pass, scores a touchdown!
Basketball DVD #5 at 8mins: 40 secs scores three point shot
Please watch the soccer highlights video on my home page.
You may also want to watch other highlight videos which can easily be found on: When you get to the youtube home page enter the following key words in the search box:
example: "soccer highlights for college recruitment" or similar wording
such as "soccer highlights for college coaches"
or whatever your players sport is:
example: "football highlights for college coaches"

The length of these highlight dvds on youtube vary greatly.
A 3-5 minute dvd should suffice to showcase your player's game playing skills. You may have it as long as you wish but I would highly recommend keeping it under 10 minutes maximum, UNLESS you are requested to provide a longer video or in some cases an entire game.

You will also need to provide me with ALL or as much of the following player personal information and player stats as is available:
Player's full name, age, height and weight
Player's playing position(s) and jersey number(s) for each game if it varies
Player's athletic awards or recognitions as an individual 
Player's team's state rank, any awards or recognitions as a team
Name of players school, address, telephone and fax number
Name of player's Head Coach, address and telephone number
Name of player's Assistant Coach address and telephone number
Player's GPA (grade point average) and any scholastic achievements, awards or extra curricular activities as a student.
Names of any College Showcase tournaments played in.
Anything else of noteworthiness to a college coach 

A personal video introduction by the player may be included at the start of the highlight dvd. There is an additional fee of 125.00 to videotape this introduction, which can be done either at a nearby field location in your area or it may be done on location before or after a game which I have been hired to videotape.
Videotaping Tournaments (Multiple Games) 
1st Game (prices as above) 
Thereafter $125.00 per game
(only if played on same or next day at same location)
Expenses for my Overnight Hotel Stay for Tournaments are additional*
at standard accommodation rates.
(*unless I am already there videotaping my own son's team)
Other fees apply as stated above)
Individual Player Game Copy DVD's
DVD Game Copies                      25.00 (includes 1st Class Postage)
US Priority Mail                             5.00
Overnight  (UPS - Fed-Ex)          18.00 to 25.00
Personalized DVD Labeling is included
Coach DVD Copy
The DVD label will contain the Coach's name, team name, 
game date, game location and opposing team's name.  
Individual Player Copy
The DVD label will contain the Players Name and Jersey Number, Team Name, game date and opposing team's name
Baseball & Football
Due to the length of these particular sports averaging around 2-3 hours in playing length there is a flat rate fee of $250.00 per game.
All other additional fees (as outlined above) apply i.e. for overtime,
half time events, post hame award ceremonies etc...
Away Game (Long Distance) TRAVEL FEES
In addition to the game taping fee there is a flat fee of $25.00 per hour traveling time.
Example: Your game is in Lancaster, PA. The distance from Middletown, NJ to Lancaster, PA is approximately 154 miles
(per Mapquest) or 3 hours driving one way. The travel fee for this would be:  $25.00 x 6 hours round trip = $150.00
for my traveling time, gas and tolls.
Overnight Stay - Overnight Accommodations, if required, for tournaments, are at the expense of the Client contracting my services.
If you have any questions, concerns or specific needs please contact me at 732-671-6591 or at
Copyright Notice
NOTE: All team games and/or individual player footage or any part thereof and/or any post-game award ceremonies or any other footage associated with the contracted event videotaped by Sports Videography by Tom Rodre, are the exclusive copyrighted material of SportsVideography by Tom Rodre copyright@2013   All Rights Reserved. 
No game or games, individual player footage or any part of a game thereof,  expressly the audio/video content thereof, produced by Sports Videography by Tom Rodre may be copied, reproduced, broadcast (over the internet on YouTube or similar video viewing site, local or national or International TV networks or other broadcast mediums) nor sold or distributed without the expressed written consent of the copyright owner. This does not mean it cannot be says: to not do it without my permission.
Thank you for your hiring consideration
Tom Rodre
Sports Videography
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